Alcohol Mixed with Water Experiment

Adding together 40millilitres of alcohol and water. Surprisingly the mixture added up to about 78 millilitres amd not the expected 80 ml.

Like a good science you try the experiment for couple of times and yes it will give you the same result.

We found out that 40 ml of water added to 40ml of alcohol gave 78ml!

When alcohol is mixed with water an elevation of the temperature is observed, and the mixture assumes for a short time an opalescent appearance from the dissolved air, which is expelled in numerous minute bubbles, after which it becomes perfectly transparent; when it has cooled to the ordinary temperature the volume will be found diminished. This contraction is- greatest on mixing 55 measures of absolute alcohol with 45 measures of water, which will yield 06.23 measures of weaker alcohol, showing a loss of volume equal to 3.77 per cent. – N.D.

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