These wine gadgets make perfect gifts for adults who love their nightcaps

One of the coolest things about being an adult is that you can always relax to a good glass of wine after a stressful day at work or running around your kids for the entire afternoon. A good glass of wine goes perfectly with almost everything – from a good movie to a delicious pizza, from making vacation plans with your BFFs to celebrating a new job promotion.

Ever since the earliest ages, wine has been the most popular choice of beverage. From the Ancient Greeks to the Middle Ages and up to the 21st century, it is still considered one of the most beneficial alcoholic drinks if consumed with moderation.

So, it comes as no surprise that an entire industry has developed around the concept of wine. From wineries to wine seminars, tasting experiences, books, and the most expensive bottles of wine in the world – this industry counts for billions of dollars yearly in revenues.

So why not benefit from it by choosing the best wine gadgets? Whether you’re buying them for yourself or for your adult friends, we know that choosing one is never enough, so here is a list of the coolest items we could find on the market.



Deluxe wine opener kits

A regular corkscrew might get the job done, but why not brag a little more about your great wine opening skills and opt for a deluxe wine opener set? These usually come in luxurious gift boxes made of suede, leather or velvet, and feature the most useful accessories for your wine bottle.

These wine sets are complete with a corkscrew, a vacuum pump, a foil cutter, some wine corks, and stoppers. The choice of materials differ from one set to another but expect to find quality glass, stainless steel, and even silver.


Electric bottle chillers

Assuming you have guests for dinner and they brought a delicious bottle of wine, what do you do with it? Rosé and white wine are best served cold and keeping the bottle in the freezer will take a long time for it to reach the perfect serving temperature. So why not appeal to a true party saver such as an electric bottle chiller?

These small devices can be used for a wide range of products, not just wine. One of these will chill a can in just one minute and the entire bottle of wine in under six minutes. It could also come with additional features such as preset times and extra-chill settings.

Lavish wine decanters

Although not technically gadgets, wine decanters come in truly elegant designs which could impress your friends and guests. Most of these decanters are made of fine glass but the design you choose is up to your budget and creativity. What type of wine gadget do you prefer?

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