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Thank you for taking the time to visit this site. Obtaining information about the assessment or evaluation process can often be a difficult task. There is so much information about substance use and abuse that finding the right resource is often time consuming and frustrating. Rest assured, you have come to the right place for an objective assessment to determine what if any concerns you or your loved one might have with alcohol and or drugs. We not only provider services in Marshall Ford Texas 78732, but also surrounding cities including Four Points, Hudson Bend, Volente, Buffalo Gap, River Hills, North Shore Acres, Greenshores, Lakeway, South Jonestown Hills, Point Venture, The Hills, Anderson Mill, Edgewater Beach, Bee Cave, Lost Creek.

Marshall Ford Alcohol / Drug Assessment

There are many reasons for people to obtain an alcohol / drug assessment. If you are questioning your relationship with alcohol or drugs, or have been asked to complete an assessment or evaluation by your employer or by the court system, the process of obtaining a diagnostic evaluation should be very straight forward. The process should consist of an assessment of the individual’s alcohol and/or drug usage through a comprehensive assessment interview and testing process in accordance with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition (DSM-IV) and the American Society of Addiction Medicine Patient Placement Criteria for the treatment of substance-related disorders.
When looking for an assessment or an evaluation make sure you do your research. A few things should always be considered:

  1. Is the Marshall Ford agency providing my assessment state certified?
  2. Is the information I give confidential?
  3. Does the Marshall Ford agency offer an objective assessment?
  4. Can I get an assessment done in a timely fashion?
  5. Do the people I talk with to set up the assessment make me feel comfortable and at ease?
  6. Are the rates for the assessment reasonable?

After talking with the staff at Alcohol Science, you will find that the above mentioned items are in fact the standard of care at each and every location. If this is a court related issue or if your attorney is requesting that you be proactive and obtain an alcohol and drug assessment, it can be helpful to bring the following items to your assessment appointment:

  1. Five year driving abstract (obtain an online copy of your Texas State DOL abstract)
  2. Photo ID
  3. Any and all Travis County court paperwork you might have
  4. A copy of your Texas criminal history (if applicable)
  5. If you take prescription medications try to bring copies of the prescription

Start the Marshall Ford DUI Assessment Today

Please understand that none of the items are necessary to start the assessment. However at some point, if this is a court ordered issue, the court might require that we have proof of some or all of the above listed items.

As always your information is confidential. We can not and will not disclose any of your information unless you sign a release for us to do so. If you have an attorney for this process, please inform them that you will be seeing us for your assessment and assure them that we will not share your information with anyone without your consent.

  • Confidential
  • First appointment within 24 hours
  • Day, evening, and weekend sessions
  • Female counselors upon request
  • Same-day paperwork
  • Multiple payment options
  • Multiple locations
  • Preferred provider for most insurance
  • Sliding scale payment plans

Marshall Ford DUI Victim Panel

The Travis County County DUI Victims panel helps you to take responsibility for your actions by giving you the opportunity to hear the stories of real victims of drunk driving. It is our hope that listening to the stories of real DUI victims will change your life, and you will never again drink and drive.

You have made a wonderful choice by visiting this site. Making a mistake is human. Learning from our mistakes, and changing behaviors defines us as individuals. Our victim’s panel empowers victims of drunk driving to help work through the recovery and grieving process.

DUI offenders in Marshall Ford Texas

In doing so, it offers the chance to provide DUI offenders the opportunity to see the consequences and potential tragedies associated with drinking and driving. Our goal is to reduce the number of people that drive after being under the influence of alcohol and or drugs. As we all know changing behaviors is a very difficult thing for us to do.

Weekly Texas State Certified DUI Victim Panels

Our goal is to provide a platform that gives you the information and energy that allows you to change your decision making abilities as it pertains to the use of any mind altering chemicals before getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. We feel that by working with you and the community we can together send a message of unity that we do not and will not tolerate people who drive under the influence. So much of this needs to be about prevention. We believe that after you attend one of our panel presentations you will not only be motivated to change your behaviors, you will be encouraged and energized to change the way your friends and family look at drinking and driving. Please take the time to review the material throughout this site and come join us for an hour and a half that will change your life forever!

Can you give me a referral for Marshall Ford alcohol treatment?

No. We are not affiliated with any alcohol treatment programs. For information on alcohol treatment in Marshall Ford, please contact your local office.

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