Spicy Adult Drinks

Spicy Alcoholic Drinks

Ignite your tastebuds: Best spicy alcoholic drinks to try If you’re a fan of drinks that pack a punch, then you’re in luck. It’s time to ignite your taste buds with some of the best spicy alcoholic drinks available now. Spicy drinks have been gaining popularity in recent years for their unique flavor profiles and …

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Sweet Tea Brands

Sweet Tea Brands

Comprehensive Guide to Sweet Tea Brands Nothing beats the heat of summer, quite like a refreshing glass of sweet tea. This beloved Southern classic has been a staple for generations, and it’s not hard to see why. With its perfect blend of sweetness and refreshing taste, it’s the ultimate summer drink. However, with so many …

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cocktails with herbs

Herbs for Cocktails

10 Must-Try Herbs for Your Next Cocktail Recipe There’s nothing quite like a refreshing cocktail on a hot summer day or a cozy winter night. But have you ever considered adding herbs to your drink recipes? Not only do herbs add depth and complexity to cocktails, but they also offer a range of health benefits. …

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Johnnie Walker Blends

Ranking of the Johnnie Walker Blends

Johnnie Walker Blends Reviewed “Oh, this is a highland malt; highland malts are traditionally smoky. Perfectly compliments a light Dominican.” “The nose is peaty, but the finish is all sweet pear, with just a hint of lemon-to-almost grapefruit spiciness.” “The Islay malt finishes strong, with flavors of oxidized wine, a bit of pepper, and a …

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Alcohol Abuse & Celebrities

Alcohol Abuse Stories – The Top 5 Most Tragic Celebrity Overdoses The premature and preventable death of someone from alcohol abuse is an incredibly sad reality that we have seen all too often in the entertainment industry. Here are the top 5 alcohol abuse stories on what are considered some of the most tragic celebrity …

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Beer and Calories

It’s been a while since I posted. We put our home up for sale last year, and we just now sold it and it’s been crazy trying to find a new one. We weren’t really looking because we got bummed out about the crappy housing market conditions, thinking it would be Spring before we sold. …

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Sweet Tea Vodka recipes

Sweet Tea Mojito 2 oz. Sweet Tea Vodka 2.5 oz. Club Soda Fresh Mint leaves Lime Juice (preferably from genuine fresh limes) Grab those beautifully fresh mint leave and muddle them up in a tumbler glass with a few squeezes of fresh lime juice. For best effect, go with genuine limes rather than the squirt. …

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Sweet Tea Vodka Brands

Experience the South. Existence is distinct down here. Life isn’t as fast, we move a bit slower, value our relationships, and live for our family and friends. Sweet Tea plays a big part in every day. Afternoons consist of Sweet Tea and lemonade. When we were feeling funky we would add some vodka to the …

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Wine and Food Pairing Basics

What to do when your host asks you to “bring the wine.” Tips for choosing the perfect wine, even if you know nothing about wine. Wine and food pairing basics. Like any good party guest, you ask your host if there is anything you can bring. But do you break out in a cold sweat …

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Vegan-Friendly Alcohol

You might not expect eggs or fish to be lurking in your wine, but you could be wrong! Did you know that not all alcoholic drinks are vegan-friendly? Many beers, wines, hard ciders, and liquors use a variety of animal products in their processing. The main culprits are isinglass (dried fish bladders), gelatin (from boiled …

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Good and Cheap Wine

The question that seems to be on many non- or semi-wine geeks’ minds is a fairly simple one: “What is a wine that is both good AND cheap that I can find at a store near me and have for dinner tonight?” A very good question, and one that can often be overlooked in the …

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How long does a hangover last?

Eager to know what would be the answer? Before start answering to that let us see the factors that cause ‘Hangover’. Hangovers are caused by the physical and psychological effects of alcohol on the body. The symptoms of a hangover may include a headache, nausea, vomiting, dehydration, irritability etc. There are plenty of factors that …

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How long does beer stay good?

Beer may stay up till six months. If you store a chilled beer unrefrigerated then it may last only for couple of hours. But if you intend to store it for longer, then it should be kept in the freezer. If the beer is stored properly, as in, under cold temperature and away from sunlight …

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How long does red wine keep?

According to researchers, red wine is very beneficial for the heart if taken in moderate amounts. However, a foul red wine can do you more harm than good. Red wine, if unopened, can last for as long as 150 years. However, a 50 year old red wine is considered to be the best. Once opened, …

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