Beer and Calories

It’s been a while since I posted. We put our home up for sale last year, and we just now sold it and it’s been crazy trying to find a new one. We weren’t really looking because we got bummed out about the crappy housing market conditions, thinking it would be Spring before we sold. Low and behold two offers came in on the same day. And now we are scrambling. But that’s ok because it sold.

So anyway, I won’t be posting much over the next month, but I did want to address the fact that many people have resolved to lose weight in the new year, and one of the things people cut out his beer intake. So I thought, I’m going to look up my favorite imports and see how they compare to the domestic light beers, which many beer drinkers turn to when trying to drop the pounds, or stones, depending on where you are from. Here’s what I found:

I like:
Bass: 140
Guinness Draught: 110
Harp: 142
New Castle: 150
Heineken: 145

Here’ very popular domestic:
Bud Light: 109
Coors Light: 102
Miller Light: 96
Corona Light: 105

So, not much difference, but remember light beers contain 5-6 grams of carbohydrates, while non-light beer contains around 10-12 grams. So, more alcohol means more calories. Oh, the darkness of beer has nothing to with calories.

Good luck with your resolutions if you have any!

Celebrate Repeal Day

Do you know what we should all be doing on December 5th of every year? Having a drink, that’s what. On December 5, 1933, the 21st Amendment was passed repealing the 18th amendment, which had prohibited alcohol in the USA. Yes, on that day Congress realized how much money the mob was making on illegal hooch and said fuck it, we give up. So on December 5th hoist your glass high to the 21st amendment. If not for its passage, we would all be paying high dollar to get into speakeasies for a drink and distilling moonshine in the woods like Jed Clampett, for Pete’s sake.

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