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Alcohol Facts & Fiction

Alcohol destroys brain cells.
The moderate consumption of alcohol does not destroy brain cells. In fact it is often associated with improved cognitive (mental) functioning.


Now That’s a Gas: Vaporized Cocktails You Inhale at Red Kiva

Great ideas come from the strangest places. Passing through Helsinki, Finland, on the shortest day of the year (midwinter solstice), Chicago bar owner Julie Palmer was charmed by the way Finnish folk get more relaxation out of their celebratory saunas: They pour vodka on the hot coals and inhale the fragrant fumes. Back in the States, Palmer, who got her college degree in physics, couldn’t stop noodling on how to replicate the pleasantly vaporous experience at her bar, Red Kiva. Putting heads together with more brainy Palmers — her dad’s a rocket scientist and her brother-in-law is a chemical engineer — she invented the VaporTini (patent pending), a cocktail made by heating select spirits in a custom-made glass vessel, and then inhaling the vapors.


Can Vapourized Alcohol be Inhaled ?

A new way of consuming alcohol that offers an immediate hit with no hangover the next day has been introduced in the United Kingdom.The new method is known as AWOL, an acronym for 'Alcohol With Out Liquid', and could become a hit in the global club scene due to the euphoric 'high' created when alcohol is vaporised, mixed with oxygen and inhaled. Billed at launch as the 'ultimate party toy', AWOL machines serve bar customers via tubes and could be seen as a modern version of the 'Nargile' or 'Hookah' water-pipe which originated in India and became an important part of society in Turkey and Middle Eastern countries in the 17th century, eventually becoming the height of fashion at sheik Western society parties during the late 19th and early 20th century.


How to make Home - Made Liqueur's

Fake Absinthe
Makes 1 pint
2 1/2 tsp dried wormwood
1 pint vodka
2 teaspoons chopped angelica root
3 teaspoons crushed anise seed
3 crushed cardamom pods
1/2 teaspoon ground coriander
1/2 teaspoon crushed fennel seed
1/2 teaspoon marjoram

Place the wormwood in vodka for two days, filter, add remaining herbs and let sit for one week. Filter and then bottle. Serve by dropping a sugar cube in the bottom of a cordial glass. Wormwood can be found by searching in the Internet. Real Absinthe has been illegal in America since 1912. It’s been known to have hallucination properties. It’s the green drink seen in Moulin Rouge with Nicole Kidman


Chemistry Project on Analysis of Cold Drinks




Eight Ancient Drinks Uncorked by Science

Throughout human history, alcoholic beverages have treated pain, thwarted infections and unleashed a cascade of pleasure in the brain that lubricates the social fabric of life, according to Patrick McGovern, an archaeochemist at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

For the past several decades, McGovern's research has focused on finding archaeological and chemical evidence for fermented beverages in the ancient world. The details are chronicled in his recently published book, “Uncorking the Past: The Quest for Wine, Beer, and Other Alcoholic Beverages.”

He argues that the mind-altering effects of alcohol and the mysterious process of fermentation may explain why these drinks dominated entire economies, religions and societies. He’s found evidence of fermented beverages everywhere he's looked, which fits his hypothesis that alcohol "had a lot to do with making us what we are in biological and cultural terms."

The author, shown here examining an ancient pottery sherd, spoke with msnbc.com about his research. Click the "Next" arrow above to learn about 8 ancient drinks uncorked by science.

— By John Roach, msnbc.com contributor

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