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Blind Tasting of COGNAC

First off, we have never understood a liquor that requires the drinker to acquire a taste for it.  You should never have to work hard at enjoying something.  Secondly, Hennessey is a vile liquid.  We simply cannot understand why people continue to pay $35 for a bottle of this stuff.  It has an overpowering sharp taste that burns your mouth and throat as it goes down.  Just think of everything a liquor should not be, and you have Hennessy in a nutshell.Courvoisier was the easy favorite of the group.  It has a lighter, smooth flavor and is considerably sweeter than Hennessy.  The BoozeBasher staff gives Busta Rhymes a gold star for picking Courvoisier to rap about, unlike a number of other artists who seem to enjoy the previously mentioned garbage.  Mixing Courvoisier with cola actually produced a pretty tasty drink, something I could see myself sipping on all night.  The final contender, Jacques Cardin, is a decent alternative if Courvoisier is unavailable and is still worlds better than Hennessy.

After this little tasting, we still don’t like Cognac, unless it is infused with prodigious amounts of vanilla.  However, in Courvoisier, we did find a liquor that we could see ourselves spending a little time with in the future.  Eventually, we might even learn to like the stuff…but probably not.


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